George Hartnett Metropolitan

George Hartnett Metropolitan Funerals is Brisbane’s leading funeral provider with 14 Funeral Homes in and around Brisbane, Redland City, Logan City and Moreton Bay.

We are proud to support Share the Kindness through sponsorship, awareness and fundraising as we feel as a company with align ourselves with the same care values.

Personally and professionally some of our team are involved in this wonderful not for profit organisation as they believe in what it offers.

We look forward to seeing Share the Kindness achieve all their goals and objectives in the future.  

Somerville Funerals

We hear every week stories from parents that are either dealing with their own or their children’s cancer journeys.  A simple act of kindness like donating a doll that can assist with the explanation as to what is happening to their parents or themselves is just so touching for me personally.  I know when speaking with the social workers at the hospitals any aid that can give comfort and guides in anyway is a true gift when individuals are taking this journey.

Most homes and businesses have a toolbox in the garage or under the sink filled with all sorts of tools to fix, mend or band aid something that just isn’t quite right.  So, I looked at this beautiful “Share the Kindness” dolls gifting as a wonderful tool to add to my toolbox to help mend, Band-Aid and fix our souls with some comfort within our community.

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